Friday, March 10, 2017

Short hair, don't care

Hello beauties,

I've been going through a drastic hair transformation over the past few months. If you read my original post about the process, then you're familiar with the headache I experienced trying to achieve "the perfect shade of bright red" lol. Not only was the process a pain in my ass, but the semi-permanent red rinse I used was bleeding onto EVERYTHING. My white towels, my white bed sheets and pillow cases, my clothes, you name it. I decided to just let the red color wash out and eventually it faded into the dusty rose color I currently have.

My roots were growing out, and I also had a very un-even haircut. My hair went from medium length on the left, to long in the middle, and then short on the right side- I couldn't take it anymore. I went to Sean Donaldson Hair salon in Miami Beach and one of the stylist, Kaitlin, took care of my color. She melted my roots to get rid of the harsh line and also added in some low-lights (since my hair has about 3 different shades in it). What an improvement! A few days later I went back for my cut with Seth, who gave me what has to be the best hair cut I've ever had. He really took his time and perfected it, and for that, I am highly appreciative (just wait until you see the before pictures!). It's been about 9 years since I've had my hair this short and it wasn't something I planned but it was surely needed. Let me know what you think! Pictures posted below <3

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