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I've been testing out a lash serum over the last two months with the hope to restore the length and fullness in my natural lashes. It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized it was finally working so it's time for another review!

If you follow my blog, you know that I gave in and tried lash extensions last November. Although I love the look, I decided not to get a refill for the same reason I don't like having hair extensions sewn in- it's a lot of maintenance! I feel that after the lash extensions came off, my natural lashes were short, thin, and spaced out. This doesn't mean it'll happen to you, it just didn't work out for me personally.

My lash-tech mentioned using a growth serum and told me about a few that are suppose to work the same way Latisse does (for probably half the price). I did a little research and purchased the one with the better price and reviews.

From a list of serums, there were 3 that stood out. I chose Grande Lash MD and after seeing positive results, I don't think I'll be spending any money trying out the others. They all pretty much work the same way, increasing the length of your natural lashes (and in my case, the thickness as well) due to an ingredient called "bimatoprost analog" (also used in Latisse). Directions state that you should apply once daily- preferably at night after you've cleansed your face and you should start to see results in as little as 4 weeks with full results in 3 months.

I started using it on January 24th, and it wasn't until sometime last week (ending of March, which made it exactly about 2 months) that I noticed it was working. PATIENCE will be your best-friend during this journey lol. It's definitely a little frustrating trying to get into the habit of applying something on your eyes daily, but eventually it just becomes routine. Some days I applied it in the morning and again at night because I was desperate for fast results. I also used it on my lower lash line because I'm extra and my lower lashes deserved a little TLC too.

Here is a before and after:

I don't think the bottom pic does my lashes any justice, its really hard to get a good picture but you can clearly see the difference

Packaging: It comes in a bright sort of metallic orange tube and has a thin brush applicator that you swipe across your lash line just like you would with a liquid eyeliner.

Sensation: For the first few applications I felt some light tingling, and some warming on the lash line. It wasn't uncomfortable, just felt a little weird for a few minutes while the product dried. I accidentally swiped it across my eyeball a few times too, you can imagine how fun that was *eye roll*

Scent: Doesn't smell like anything to me.. Oh well.

Effectiveness: Very impressed with the improvement on my lashes. You guys know I keep it 100 when it comes to reviews and I wouldn't encourage you to try something if I didn't believe in the product. My lashes were short and did this thing were they stuck straight out, and now they're so long and curled that the top lashes are getting tangled with the lower lashes (in the little outer corner area lol). Love it!

Verdict: Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS. You're welcome in advance. You can use this serum while you have lash extensions and I'm sure it's going to help you in the long run once you decide to give your lashes a break. Remember, it does take a few months but the end result is worth it. I'm almost out of the stuff and I'm definitely restocking.

Where to buy: I suggest looking on Amazon or Ebay (thats what I did)

Here is a link to make your search a little easier:
GrandeLash MD on Amazon

Leave me a comment and let me know if you decide to give it a try after reading my review <3


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