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Microblading.. nightmare or life saver?

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I'm back and I have something beauty related to blog about, finally! (and this is a long one so i suggest you grab a snack or something). I'm sure by now most of you are familiar with the technique called microblading, and well, if you aren't, I'll be getting into the details in just a second..

Microblading. A life saver for women (or men) who are not as fortunate to have full brows, and even those like myself who do have full brows but might still have to fill them in to make them look darker or simply fill in a few bald spots. Basically, it's a newer technique for "tattooing" your brows but instead of the old fully shaded in tattooed look, this technique is done by creating fine "hair stroke" markings on your brows. They use this pencil like tool that has a bunch of sharp little razors on the end, and dip it into the ink in order to create little cuts that look like actual hair. Its pretty neat if its done correct.

I've seen this going around social media for a while now, and I never really considered it until a patient at work who swore by her new brows talked me into it. I figured I could save myself a few minutes getting ready everyday if my brows were already filled in, so I got on the internet and of course, started looking up reviews. Most of them were horror stories about women who were given an uneven shape, or a color that was way too dark, ya-da ya-da.. A few good reviews and revised reviews after the healing process and I was sold (it honestly doesn't take much for me to jump into another crazy idea).

Being that I already had a credit at BH Perfection Med Spa, I decided to put it towards microblading and set up my appointment. I'm going to be specific and detailed with my experience because one thing I cannot stand is anything other than excellent service when I'm paying a decent amount of money. Lets get right to it.

My appointment was at 11, I arrived and was given some paperwork to fill out and sign. This part right here almost made me walk out and not have anything done.. You basically have to sign a paper that states all the possible risks associated with the procedure. From discoloration due to the sun and the ocean or pool water, to rashes, scars, allergic reactions, and even non noticeable results (the list was a whole page long so I can't remember everything that was on it). But I was there, and I really wanted to believe I wouldn't suffer any of these risks so I went ahead and signed. Afterwards, I was taken into a room where a very sweet esthetician applied the numbing cream and some clear wrap over my brows. No lie, I was waiting for about an hour before I was moved to the next room to begin the process.

applying the numbing cream, and then filling in the shape 
(yes, I am aware that I look crazy lol)

The first thing they do is explain to you how you should care for them once they're done, they discuss the look you're going for and then you pick the color. I specifically said I DID NOT want black. They assured me that it would not look black and it would look very natural and match the color of my brows. She drew the markings and filled them in how I showed her I normally fill in my brows and we were ready to begin. I wasn't ready for this shit!

Not sure if it was the fact that I was laying there with numbing cream for over an hour or what, but I felt EVERYTHING. The numbing wasn't working even after she re-applied.. I was feeling every. single. little. CUT! I had to suck it up and deal with the stings because we were wasting time. I had the worst anxiety throughout the entire process. I truly wish I knew this beforehand, but noo.. Everyone swears it doesn't hurt. 

We got through the first brow, moved on to the second, and this is where I started to lose my patience. The second brow felt even worse than the first one did, and it also bled a lot more. I'm extremely picky when it comes to the shape of my eyebrows so we kept trying to perfect them the best we could. At this point, the lady who was supervising the girl that was doing my brows kept coming in and rushing her, telling her to just put the tint on and call it a day because she had another client who was waiting. EXCUSE ME?? I snapped. In case you guys don't know, microblading is not cheap. Not only did I have to wait about an hour after my appointment to get started, but it costs $399 for the initial appointment and $150 for the touch up which is required a month after. The girl was great, she assured me we would not finish until I was 100% satisfied with my shape, but again, this lady came in and rushed her about 3 times until we finally finished.

I was so agitated. My eyebrows were BLACK as hell! She explained that they would scab, and get lighter, and maybe even disappear, which was the reason a touch up is required a month after. I was a little freaked out initially, I wont lie. Although everyone who's seen my brows since loves how they look. Today is day 4 and the scabbing looks real rough. I can't touch it at all so I'm riding it out and making the best of it. From what I can see under the areas that have scabbed, it looks like pure shading. I don't see any hair strokes but I'm going to give this the benefit of the doubt and wait until after my touch up to let you know how I really feel.

I don't know if I would recommend for anyone to have this done where I went simply because there is no set technician. They have different girls all the time from what I was told, and I also don't know how much experience these women actually have with microblading. It kind of felt like a factory and I do not think its appropriate to rush something so delicate.. I believe quality is better than quantity! I I'll definitely write a follow up review in about a month and let you guys know how they turn out! Wish me and my brows luck haha.


Hey everyone!

 I'm following up on this post MONTHS later, just in case you happen to stop by and read this post. Today's date is 1/22/2018 (I know..) Long story short, I did not return for my microblading touch up. Honestly, the entire experience was a bit overwhelming and I wasn't looking forward to going through it all over again. After the initial appointment, my brows were looking rough for about 1 week or 2. They went from super dark (which I hated) to this really ugly scabbing phase-- looked horrible. Once that was done, my brows just looked shaded (kind of like they do when I fill them in myself) Nothing special. Now it's been a few months and as expected, it's mostly all faded out so I'm back to filling in my brows regularly like before. 


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