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Guess what today is? My little baby blog's SECOND birthday! I can't believe its already been two years since I started this makeup blog which has now become a sort of travel blog? Time flies.

Aright, ready to pick up where I left off and next up on the list is Chicago! This was my first time visiting and when I bought the tickets (sometime towards the end of last year), I didn't realize that I would be going during winter time and well, winter anywhere other than Miami means freezing cold temperatures. It just so happened that a snow storm decided to hit Chicago the same weekend I was traveling, fun right? After two cancelled flights and one seriously delayed flight, we made it and had an amazing time- snow storm, failed plans and all! I took a lot of pictures, and I didn't edit them all- I hope you enjoy them either way <3

Departing from Miami:

Where do I begin? I woke up at 5am to an email letting me know my flight was cancelled. That alone was enough to send my nerves into over drive. I was able to book another flight and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't also end up cancelled, since Chicago's O'Hare International cancelled over 500 flights and our flight continued to get pushed back. One hour, then another hour, when BAM! Flight cancelled. I hurried to the nearest desk and managed to get onto the same flight as my friends (extremely lucky that I acted quick), and finally within 45 minutes we were sitting on the plane ready for take off.


If you read my birthday blog from last year, I mentioned that I saw some snow for the first time on my last day in NY. That was nothing compared to the snow waiting for us in Chicago. I was pretty excited, started throwing snow balls outside of the airport, I mean.. I'm from Miami. Can you blame me? We headed to our hotel to drop off our luggage and being that it was National Pizza Day, Giordano's was first on my list. I've never had deep dish pizza like this. It was so thick it literally felt  like a pizza sandwich. Yes, I was in pure bliss.

Walking to Giordanos in my Royals which I soon realized was the wrong move
(no worries, they're safe now). I kept my timbs on for the remainder of the trip.

 This was the Deep dish stuffed crust cheese pizza
(we ordered a pepperoni too)

Buffalo wings were fire too
(my mouth just watered as I typed this..)

I had tickets to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art that Friday, but they closed due to the snow storm. Later that night around midnight, we decided to go out and explore. I threw on as many layers as I could and man, it still wasn't enough. The mission of the walk was to make it to the Chicago Theater (for pictures of course) and along the way I stumbled across the famous water tower which is a landmark in the Old Chicago water district. I was told (by my lyft driver) that the water tower was the only building standing after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but it seems there were a few others in the district that survived along with the tower. We also walked through the Chicago River Walk and had a chance to see the lake partially frozen, which I hear is another Chicago "must see" during winter time. After an hour or so of what had to be the coldest walk of my life, we made it to the theater just as it started to snow :)

The Water Tower

I thought the snow looked so neat, lol

So this was a building that I found interesting, the reason why is because it had little pieces and remains of buildings and temples from all over the world cemented into it

Piece from Ancient Temple Honan Province in China

A piece from a Temple in the Forbidden City

On the River Walk

Chicago Lake


Saturday- aka the day where everything I had planned went wrong:

Ask any one who has traveled with me- I am a freak. I legit make these itinerary's and plan the entire trip out according to specific places where I want to go eat and specific things I want to see (its so much fun I swear). I planned for the Sky Deck after our brunch at Hash House A Go-Go and of course, there was ZERO viability thanks to the weather. They advised us it would pretty much look like we were standing in front of an all white background so I decided not to go up, womp. *TIP: do not pre-buy these tickets, if anything happens where you can't make it, or in my case, there is no visibility- you will not get a refund!

Hash House a Go-Go
Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate
Not going to lie, it was pretty gross. Tasted like rum? But it had no alcohol..

Crab Cake Benedict
Sooo bomb. Geez.

Snickers Pancake
Tasted like a peanut pancake

Hash House A Go-Go was featured on Man vs. Food

Next was the museum, which was a nice way to kill some time. I really went for the Murakami exhibit but found out once I arrived that even the last remaining wall (that I read was still up somewhere near the cafeteria) had been removed recently. Another womp. Finally, it was time to eat again. I had a restaurant on my foodie list that was suppose to have "the best burger in Chicago" but the wait was over 2 hours, so that also did not happen. It all worked out because I found a dope cafeteria style BBQ spot that we all fell in love with. It's called Green Street Smoked Meats and I'm going to need you all to add this to your list of places to eat at if you're ever in Chicago! It was soo delicious, I usually don't care for BBQ but this is a must try.

The Willis Tower
Where the Sky Deck is located. See what I mean about the zero visibility? Meh.

 This was my favorite exhibit in the museum. 
I came across it while it was already playing through (and I stood there reading for quite a while) but it seemed to be some sort of love letter / conversation on a type writer. The black text is the artist and the red was his ex-lover, asking questions he would answer or choose not to answer. Pretty sweet.

Green Street Smoked Meats
 Elote in a Cup (fire)

 Frito Pie
Frito corn chips topped with a bomb ass chili, cheese, and jalapenos (also fire)

Chopped Brisket
Ok, everyone needs to try this at least once in their life! So delicious

Like the true fatty I am, dessert was already lined up. Bombo Bar turned out to be way too packed and honestly, I wasn't in the mood for a hot chocolate dessert. We headed to China town and stopped by a Thai rolled ice cream spot named Ice Max (why do I always end up at these when i'm out of town?).

Dark Cloud
Charcoal and Coconut ice cream, Oreo's, chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle

Remember how I said this was the day all my plans went to shit? During brunch, one of my friends suggested we should go watch a Bull's game. Why not right? We buy the tickets which cost about $150.00 and the game started at 8pm Eastern. We had some time to nap and get ready, so we figured we'd arrive around half time to catch half the game right? As we arrive to the arena, I see everyone walking towards us.. It wasn't until we got inside that we hear them announce there were two minutes left of the game! Of course, the game actually started at 7 because it was Central time and well. We missed the whole damn thing. At least we got to see the Michael Jordan statue..

Not sure why it isn't allowing me to post this upward but I'll figure it out.
For now, feel free to tilt your head.

We took the L and headed for dinner. It was freezing and I wanted Ramen, so I logged onto my Yelp app and quickly found Ramen San. Such a trendy little spot! They were playing old and new school hip hop, it was dim and the food was great.

Ramen San
 Brussels Sprouts

 Shiitake Ramen 
with fried garlic, a molten egg, and sesame chili on the side

xoxo shrimp / pork dumplings 

Fried chicken Mantou Buns 
topped with shredded cabbage and Japanese mustard

Sunday- last day in Chicago:

On my list for 7am that morning was... Millennium Park for THE BEAN. I wanted to show up early enough so there wouldn't be any one else in my pictures but I overslept and we got there around 8am. Thankfully it was still pretty empty. It started snowing and although the bean itself really isn't anything other than a giant shiny silver bean sculpture, it looks so neat and magical in person. After the park, we stopped at Wildberry Cafe for breakfast (also a must in Chicago) before heading over to RSVP Gallery. RSVP is in an area near Wicker Park and because it's one of my favorite movies, I walked to the park. Nothing crazy, it was completely covered in snow but it was a memorable experience for the trip :) The final stop before heading to the airport was Portillo's for a classic Chicago dog! Such a cute restaurant, wish we had more places like this in Miami.

Accidental Jordan pose, heh

Ice skating rink at Millennium Park

Signature Berry Bliss Waffle
Sooo soo good! Like, lick the plate good. Ah.

Mexicana Sizzling Skillet
(also bomb)

A happy Steph

Wicker Park

This was inside Wicker Park

Snow covered fountain


Classic Chicago Dog with cheese fries

I felt like I was on a mission throughout this trip but I had a great time with my friends, eating everything I wanted and finally seeing real snow. I'm hoping to return next year during the summer, I have too many upcoming trips this year!

With that said.. Next up will be NEW ORLEANS!

Stay tuned loves



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